Wednesday, June 30, 2010


going to see the new twilight movie tonight because im a good bff... doesn't this slow and steady wins the race bag seem like something kristina stewart's character would wear? ( )

im more of a true blood type of gal, i think i would wear these to fangtasia to mac on some sexy vamps (

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

she seems cunty...

BUT THIS ELLIE SAAB IS AMAZING! i wanna have a rock n' roll wedding and get married in this mini (with a bottle of whiskey instead of a bouquet of flowers)

from russia with love

i want to live here and drink vodka and eat caviar while my hunky russian beefcake boyfriend peels this off me (

of course these will stay on (

su-yoon<---- i want i want!

i got to see the awesome amazing super cool Christine Su yesterday of SU-YOON...

how rad are those?!?! christine used to work at adidas and i love how the shoes are girly dance all night in a party dress but yet stil have a streetwear feel to them.

she had these in grey with her, if i had a bigger purse i would have jacked them SO FAST!

i wish she was in la longer, but she had to run back to nyc for twilight-nerdness


Patron train last night... sickness

getting comfy in the master suite

reminds me of the new louis vuitton ads

if i were to find myself in fancy-shmancy train like that, in those tasty louie clothes, i think i would wear this little sexy kitten getup from kiki underneath (


thank you jak & jil for bringing these amazing alaia booties into my life... is it weird i think these would be amazing with my favorite levi's cutoffs?