Thursday, July 15, 2010


roberu x silly thing collab. DOPE.

I don't think I will ever have a job that requires carrying a full on briefcase (and if I did my dad has sick vintage ones that I would steal) but I think this bag is a perfect alternative to that. Plenty of room for lappy, cam and whatever else belongs in a briefcase (condoms? booze? I'm really not sure...)

holy shit balls

givenchy haute couture. wowza.

what do you drink when you wear clothes this amazing? im thinking this vodka that i saw at the liquor store today that comes in the shape of a skull or perhaps a very expensive whiskey... im hungover just thinking about this


one more reason to hit up the gym...

Nike Mayfly running shoe. BALLER. Created to last only 100km and features materials that are all intended to be recycled hence the return to sender bag provided with the shoes.

Monday, July 5, 2010


that is all

money honey

holy balls these nails are sick!!!

for those of us who can't afford a $90 minx mani, sephora has come to the rescue with a collaboration with OPI

seriously smoking cigs never looked so cool


i want this so bad and have no idea where it comes from but it is more super amazing then waking up next to one of those world cup hotties (or close)


Gossip Girl WITHDRAWLS in full effect! Thank god for paparazzi photos of next season...

Blair looks barftastico but I am loving Serena's springy outfit, especially her shoes! Those hoes rarely wear flats so I am extra excited over her brogues.

(orvis, yes orvis the same place my father buys his fishing gear)

summer hipster version, i feel like these would be so cute with a little vintage lacy slip dress and a bitchin tan

(bass g.h. bass & co)

and my favs!! I forced my bff to buy these on one of our last trips to opening ceremony and she wears them non-stop ever since

(bass x chloe sevigny)

Friday, July 2, 2010

who wears short shorts

aside from my shinning personality I love all things sparkly! I got these sequined shorts and I am trying to figure out what to wear them with...


I am thinking these amazing peepers, perfect for stomping out cigs and kickin bitches out of the way

(Ann Demeulemeester)

and maybe a subtle purse???

beach party!

went to the reopening of gladstones in malibu last night (rock shrimp was AMAAAAAAAZING) and it got me thinking about BIKINIS!!!

divided them into two categories:


(matthew williamson)




(christian louboutain)






whichever beach bunny you are don't forget the baby oil and a hot sexy surfer to do your backside


THESE are what I would wear to fangtasia (yummy blooooood red)

and I think this is what Sookie would wear if she took the ol' amex down to the local saks

(both images